1:1 Retouch Course

This is a private retouch course that you can take no matter where you live. It’s a one on one course via Skype. I’ll share my screen so you can see what I do the same time as I explain. I’ll show my whole workflow, from beginning till the end export. It includes raw converting, color grading, color correction, skin retouch, dodge & burn and much more. I will also have a look at your images and give you some advice on how to work with the light to get a better starting point for the post processing.


After this session you’ll have a much better understanding of:

– How to give your photos a professional look and how to export them correctly.
– General thoughts about what to keep in mind when shooting.
– Make the skin look even, beautiful and natural. It will keep the structure but still look smooth.
– Skin toning.
– Do correct and quick changes to get total different results.
– Correct mismatching skin tones.
– Edit the studio background for a more even look.


Courses are in danish or english.

When: Any time
Where: Worldwide (online via Skype)
Time: 2-3 hours
Participants: 1 person

Price: 150€

Write me to book a session or just get more info: mikkel.laumann@gmail.com